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Become a Mentor it Only Takes a Minute



“To the world, you may just be somebody.

But to somebody, you just might be the world” ~ Unknown

Better Love Yourself  mentors are everyday women and men who do extraordinary things in life.  They commit their time, resources and mental capacities to uplifting and directing young people.  These mentors reach into their store of experience and help guide young students as they find their footing in college.


“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen,

and a push in the right direction” ~ John Crosby

The benefits of mentoring have been well documented.  We find that a student’s academic success increases; mentoring improves a student’s interpersonal skills; their self confidence and self esteem elevates and they are motivated to succeed; and the student’s risk of using illegal substances is greatly reduced.

The beauty of mentoring is that it’s a two way street.  No matter how hard one might try, in mentoring there is always reciprocity.  As a mentor, you make a new friend; your involvement in the community increases; you experience a huge sense of success based on the positive impact you have in the life of a young person.

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